Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enchanted Polish - Ocean Potion (And water marble fail..)


Today I have on an awesome indie by Enchanted Polish. It's called Ocean Potion ( I believe it is discontinued though ). I feel bad showing a discontinued polish but as you might have guessed from the title of this post, I had a manicure fail the other night. I had to put on one my "happy" polishes haha.

First I'll show the fail since it leads into the swatches! So I tried another water marble. I have been fairly successful in the past so I didn't expect to fail! It happens though. I actually did every single one of my nails with marbling and then hated it so much that I took it off immediately. I really loved the colors but they just looked too messy. The swatch and first nail I did came out good though so I wanted to show them! I think my problem is not being patient and taking my time. After the first three nails, I tend to start to go faster and that's when it gets ruined.

I'll probably try again soon!

Now here is Enchanted Polish - Ocean Potion!

(blurry but it shows the holo!)

This is just an ocean/aqua blue holographic nail polish. Two coats of perfection! Enchanted Polish.. I love it. I actually just bought another one the other night after fighting through a restock!! I can't wait to show it!!!


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