Tuesday, January 15, 2013

OPI - The Impossible (Liquid Sand)


I am absolutely eating my words after trying out The Impossible by OPI! It is one of the liquid sand polishes that came out with the Mariah Carey Winter 2013 collection. It's just a very grainy glitter textured nail polish. You could easily add a few coats of topcoat to make it shiny and glossy but honestly, I think it's awesome without!

When I purchased this polish my only intent was to add a top coat because "I knew I wasn't going to like the textured look". But wow.. I LOVE IT! It has a cool matte feel and even though there is no top coat, the glitter still sparkles in the light! I also found it to feel less sandpaper-y than it looks!

The Impossible is a darkened pink glitter with a jelly-like look when wet (or top coated). It also has star shaped glitters but they sunk to the bottom of my bottle and it was impossible to get a star without actually trying to fish them out. The stars were the main reason I bought this! The stars that I managed to get on some nails started to lift up.

Here is The Impossible by OPI:

(with flash)^^ This is also how it looks without the stars. Still very pretty!
 This one has the stars that I fished out with the brush.^^ 

        This bottle shot shows how the stars sank!^       In this shot, I tried to show the sparkles!^

OVERALL: At first, I wasn't impressed with the idea of a gritty glitter texture on my nail but after applying it, I ended up loving this polish! Pink is not a color I wear often on my nails but I really love this shade. Now I can't wait to get some of the Zoya Pixie Dusts! (Same texture idea, different name/colors)



  1. i love this whole texture craze going on now. and this one with the stars looks so cute :)

    1. me too! I am hoping to try that leather textured polish by Nails Inc eventually!