Friday, January 4, 2013

Revisiting Nail Art of the Past (Part 1)

Since I posted my holiday themed manicures, I thought I would post some random nail artsy manicures too! A lot of these were done for challenges on various Facebook groups, most recently in Adventures in Stamping for their Sunday Stamping. I love seeing everyone's designs and being able to post my own without feeling judged! Just amazing.
I have MANY pictures of different manicures so I'm going to split them into 2 posts rather than putting them all in one.

Now for a nail-palooza!

(this challenge was "with our pet" and this is my pug Grissom!)

 (this was a freehand fail but not too bad!)
(an attempt at one stroke flowers hah)

(Please excuse the picture quality on a few of these, some are older manis :o)

I have more to post so look for Part 2!!!


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