Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Light Stamp Over Dark Base

Hello everyone!

Today I have a Sunday stamping challenge to show you. I couldn't do one last week because it was based off a "current book you are reading" and I'm not currently reading any books :o So I'm excited to participate this week!

The challenge is stamping a light color over a dark base. The base I used is by OPI called Live and Let Die from the James Bond collection. It is a gorgeous and unique dark green with a subtle yellow shimmer. It's really beautiful in the sun!! I am surprise at how much I like this shade, I am usually not a huge fan of this type of dark army greens.

Here is a picture before stamping:

You can sort of see the small yellowish shimmers!

Here it is with stamping! (I used BM 321 and Pure Chrome by Sally Hansen)

I'm not completely happy with how it came out but it still looks really nice in person!


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