Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Laid Back 31DC - Day 4 - Pink


Today I have Day 4 of the Laid Back challenge: PINK.

Pink is not a color I go to very often but I really loved the color I chose for this manicure. It is an untried that I got in a gift package last year and I never thought to use it. The color is called Sugar Sheer by Color Club from their All About Color collection from a store called Ross. I don't have any Ross stores where I live but I am so jealous of those who do! Color Club polishes are great and I would love to be able to buy those cheap packs they sell. Anyways, they did not have any labels but I made my own! This pink is very light and pastel-like. I would describe it as "light pink chalk". It was good with my skin tone.

 This is the color on its own.

 Even though I surprisingly liked the color, I wanted to add something! So, I taped off each nail with a few stripes of tape and painted Kleancolor - Metallic Fuchsia.. This failed miserably! When I tried to pull the little tape stripes off, it stuck to the nail! The tape pieces were stuck underneath the polish. At this point, I decided to go with a really simple diagonal line instead! I think the tape was too weak and broke when I tried to pull it up. I have the worst luck with tape manicures! One day.. lol

So here is the outcome! Kleancolor - Metallic Fushsia and Color Club - Sugar Sheer combination:

(most color accurate!^)


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