Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laid Back 31DC - Day 13 - Your Cheer Yourself Up Mani

Hello (and Happy St. Patrick's Day again!)

Today I'm doing a double post since it is also day 13 of the laid back 31DC! The idea for today's challenge is "to cheer myself up" so I decided to wear one of my new polishes that I got from NerdLacquer! It's called Nebula and it is a dark vampy red/purple/burgundy holo glitter. I love wearing dark colors - even if dark color colors aren't really considered cheerful. Plus, the holographic glitters looked amazing in the light. (One of those hard to capture on camera moments..)

So this is the manicure I did to cheer myself up... !

Base coat of Essie - Wicked, a  dark burgundy polish. I'm sure Nebula does not really need a base color but I wanted to do one anyways.

Now the finished product:

 (blurriness shows the holo :)


Nebula is just a really beautiful glitter. I wish I could capture it on camera! 


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