Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Laid Back 31DC - Day 14 - Stamping


I know this post is a little later than usual but I didn't have time to do a fresh manicure (school/work is crazy!) for day 15 of the 31DC so I am posting an older one that I did! The theme for today is STAMPING.

I LOVE stamping.. actually I have a few more plates that I want to get! Anyways, this stamping was inspired by the dress in the picture. I used a holographic polish to stamp with so that it would have that color changing effect... sort of.

This had a base of black polish and the polished used to stamp was Color Club - Halo-graphic (a light pink holographic from their first Halo Hue collection). The plate was RA-103.

Also, beware.... these are little messy (I hadn't remembered to clean the cuticles all the way!) but still really awesome!

Dress Link: (clicking the image brings you to this: but it's not the exact same dress)


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