Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Julie G - Rock Candy

Hello everyone!

Today I have another one of the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops Collection polishes. This one is called Rock Candy.

Rock Candy is the teal colored polish of the collection. It has a tint of green but it also looks blue. There are silver speckles throughout that add depth and sparkle. It's so beautiful! I am so in love with this collection.

This is ONE coat!


outside (no sun)^



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Friday, May 24, 2013

Ruby Wing - Sunflower

Happy Friday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! .. and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that ends on Memorial Day!! There are 30 awesome prizes to give away.

Today I have a color-changing polish to show you. It's called Sunflower by Ruby Wing from their Spring Garden Collection. It changes from a yellow-gold to a brown-gold when you go outside in the sun. This polish is also scented! The smell lasted for quite a while, maybe 3 days? It smelt like flowers, I liked it. It could possibly be a little strong for those with a sensitive nose so be cautious if you are going to try it.

I used three coats for this mani but two would do just fine.

Here are pictures while I was inside to show the yellow-gold color.

It's so sparkly!!

Now in the sun.. 

It's not a major color change of course but it's still fun to wear. Overall I really liked this polish and I think I'm going to purchase more color changing polishes in the future (maybe some temperature changing ones!).

Monday, May 20, 2013

OPI - Sandy Hook Green

Hello everyone!

I can't express how excited I am to share with you today's polish. This post is dedicated to the victims and their families of the Sandy Hook tragedy that occurred December 14, 2012 in Newtown, CT.

OPI recently created a special polish called Sandy Hook Green to remember this event.
Their statement on the tag reads: "Wear Sandy Hook Green to take a stand against violence and help turn this tragedy into a moment of transformation." The idea for this polish came from two salon clients from Newtown, Dana Schicker and Jennifer Stoltz. OPI decided to help them create this amazing, creamy green shade!

I am honored to be able to wear this polish and the best part is that all of the donations go to a fund called the Sandy Hook Promise. Check out their organization!

(This is two coats.)


Saturday, May 18, 2013

China Glaze - Fancy Pants


Today I have just a quick swatch post. It's China Glaze - Fancy Pants.

It is sort of like a dusty purple color with pink shimmers. It is really pretty and flattering! I liked it more than I thought I would, I even wore it for 4-5 days! (compared to the usual 2) It was really easy to apply, 2 coats.
Here are some pictures!

This is with flash so it's not as bright in real life, BUT it captures the pink shimmers so I wanted to include it!

Now that I am out of school, I hope to be able to do more nail art based posts! I received a new stamper set too!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OPI - Did It on 'Em & Floam

Hello everyone!

I can't believe I have over 100 followers right now, thank you all so much for entering the GIVEAWAY and checking me out!!

Today I have an oldie but goodie. I had seen this combination once before and I can't recall who it was that did it but I thought it was awesome so I finally went for it!

I don't usually wear odd colors on my hands but I needed a nice bright polish to lighten my mood. I chose OPI - Did It On 'Em for the base color. This was the first time I wore it on my hands (rather than my toes) and actually loved it! To me, it looks chartreuse, but I it can look more green or yellow.

Here it is alone. (2 coats)
(flash, this makes it look neon but so cool!)

(more true to color ^^)

Now I added FLOAM! Like many others, Floam was my first indie polish that I ever purchased. I only wore it once before (on its own) but now here it is layered! The color combo was perfect! Thanks to whoever it was that shared their picture that inspired me. (I wish I remembered, it was quite a while ago.)


On a side note, I noticed something about the top coat that I have been using, called NYC's Extra Shiny Top Coat (271). I had talked about it in my Spring Flowers post a few weeks ago. While it has not gone gloopy, it adds a weird bubble effect to my nails after it dries. After a day or so, the nail polish starts to look like an old Roman statue -- all cracked! It does look interesting but this is definitely not something you want happening! Maybe it dries TOO fast... and too thick. Too bad, I really liked this top coat! 


edit- I realized that I accidentally called the OPI the wrong name! *facepalm*

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

As I said on Friday, I have a huge giveaway announcement to make.

I am part of a 30 blogger giveaway hosted by Ariel from Lacquer: The Best Medicine! who put this whole thing together. Thank you to her!

The prize I am contributing is a bottle of Enchanted Polish - Go Luigi! from the Super Mario Bros collection and a bottle of Zoya - Liberty from the summer PixieDust line!

The other bloggers have some awesome prizes too so make sure you check out their blogs for details!!!

Please enter below and GOOD LUCK!


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Friday, May 10, 2013

Julie G - Crushed Candy


Today I have an AMAZING polish to show you!!! I absolutely love this polish.. the entire collection actually. It is from the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops collection that is available at Rite Aid. I kept going to Rite Aid at least once a week looking for these polishes and I freaked out when I finally found them! They're 10000x more gorgeous than I ever imagined.

This one is called Crushed Candy. It's purple and glittery. These are similar in texture to the Zoya PixieDusts but I think they're more sparkly. These have a few bigger pieces of glitter in them, maybe that's why? The most amazing part about this polish.. this is ONE coat!! It applied so smoothly and evenly that I only needed to do one coat, which is awesome since the Julie G bottles are 10ml (0.35oz) compared to the usual 15ml (0.5oz).

If you like the texture polishes, or even if you are "iffy" about them, these are a must!! If you can get to a Rite Aid near you, definitely go and check these out.


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Friday, May 3, 2013

China Glaze - InfraRed


Today I have one of the new China Glaze Holograms to show you. This one is called InfraRed.

InfraRed is a vivid dark pink/red color. The holo is very subtle and you can only see it in direct light, especially the sun. The application of this polish is not very good in my experience. It will come out okay as long as you don't brush over the same area twice. The polish drags. I also thought it was a LITTLE gloopy but that might have just been me. In all honesty, I am not too impressed with this polish. After having such amazing holographic polishes like Color Clubs, it is disappointing. I don't hate this polish but I was expecting more! (like the OMG collection!!) I think a lot of people were expecting the same.

Nevertheless, InfraRed is still a great colored subtle holo!