Friday, May 10, 2013

Julie G - Crushed Candy


Today I have an AMAZING polish to show you!!! I absolutely love this polish.. the entire collection actually. It is from the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops collection that is available at Rite Aid. I kept going to Rite Aid at least once a week looking for these polishes and I freaked out when I finally found them! They're 10000x more gorgeous than I ever imagined.

This one is called Crushed Candy. It's purple and glittery. These are similar in texture to the Zoya PixieDusts but I think they're more sparkly. These have a few bigger pieces of glitter in them, maybe that's why? The most amazing part about this polish.. this is ONE coat!! It applied so smoothly and evenly that I only needed to do one coat, which is awesome since the Julie G bottles are 10ml (0.35oz) compared to the usual 15ml (0.5oz).

If you like the texture polishes, or even if you are "iffy" about them, these are a must!! If you can get to a Rite Aid near you, definitely go and check these out.


PS! There is a HUGE giveaway coming next week!!!!**


  1. I really want this collection - or at least a few polishes from it!! this looks stunning x

    1. thanks! you should definitely try and get some, they're absolutely beautiful in person!