Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OPI - Did It on 'Em & Floam

Hello everyone!

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Today I have an oldie but goodie. I had seen this combination once before and I can't recall who it was that did it but I thought it was awesome so I finally went for it!

I don't usually wear odd colors on my hands but I needed a nice bright polish to lighten my mood. I chose OPI - Did It On 'Em for the base color. This was the first time I wore it on my hands (rather than my toes) and actually loved it! To me, it looks chartreuse, but I it can look more green or yellow.

Here it is alone. (2 coats)
(flash, this makes it look neon but so cool!)

(more true to color ^^)

Now I added FLOAM! Like many others, Floam was my first indie polish that I ever purchased. I only wore it once before (on its own) but now here it is layered! The color combo was perfect! Thanks to whoever it was that shared their picture that inspired me. (I wish I remembered, it was quite a while ago.)


On a side note, I noticed something about the top coat that I have been using, called NYC's Extra Shiny Top Coat (271). I had talked about it in my Spring Flowers post a few weeks ago. While it has not gone gloopy, it adds a weird bubble effect to my nails after it dries. After a day or so, the nail polish starts to look like an old Roman statue -- all cracked! It does look interesting but this is definitely not something you want happening! Maybe it dries TOO fast... and too thick. Too bad, I really liked this top coat! 


edit- I realized that I accidentally called the OPI the wrong name! *facepalm*

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